Due to changes at Yahoo! and need for updating the software XLTrader is not available at this time. Please check back later!

Combining an intuitive point & click interface with Excel's incredible computational capabilities XLTrader add-ins turn Microsoft Excel into a fast, affordable technical analysis platfom. Whether you're a quant or discretionary trader, you'll find the tools you
need to succeed in today's competitive markets. Click the add-ins to learn about the wide range of technical analysis techniques already supported; we're adding more all the time! To get started with XLTrader right now, download XLIndicators which has 89 awesome indicators and a help file. Did I mention XLIndicators is FREE?


Whether you are a reformed Buy-&-Hold investor, a successful day-trader or just getting started, XLTrader Technical Analysis Add-ins and templates for Microsoft Excel, Office 2007 & 2010 are the market timing tools you've been waiting for.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows PC with 32 bit Office 2007 or later installed
  • You must install the free add-in XLINDICATORS first! This installs the XLTrader addin which all others require and verifies that XLTrader works on your computer.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel (cut/copy/paste enter formulas etc.)

If you don't know what Microsoft Excel is or if you have special data requirements (XLTrader works with free Yahoo! Finance history) then XLTrader might not be right for you. XLTrader can work with intra-day data if you can get it into excel. . Click here to watch a youTube video showing how to install XLTrader.