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Anybody who has spend time on internet discussion boards knows that on any group there are always one or two individuals who are worth reading. We begin to look forward to their posts knowing they will provide us clues in our own search. Financial astrologer Bill Foster is one such individual. Any person who is interested in learning about financial astrology would be wise to seek out everything Bill has written. Here is a complilation of posts he has made to public forums over recent years. Thank you moonman…

Thanks for the table of commodity rulers. I'll give you a new column based upon my own experience and others that I've gathered over the last 20 years. Gold = Sun and Leo, Silver = Moon and Cancer, Copper = Venus and taurus/libra, Beans = Venus and Taurus, Wheat (grains generally) = mercury and Virgo and Gimini, oil = Neptun and Pisces. I agree with the center Taucher column except Cattle = Taurus and Saturn and Sugar = Jupiter and Venus plus signs and houses they rule.

thanks, bill Foster
This is a very complex subject, i.e., what planet (sign and house) rules what number. I didn't make that an in-depth part of my research although I certainly looked at. My approach uses W. D. Gann's idea o planetary support and resistance lines. For example, a planet at zero Libra is 180 degrees or $1.80 or scaling it up $5.40 (3.60 + 1.80) or 18 cents, moving the decimal.

So I translated the planetary positions to the numbers one through 80 (used in Keno) under several different methods. One was 1 to 80 is only one Aries to 20 Gimini (one to 80 degrees on the Zodiac). Another was start over with 1 to 80 again at 21 Gimini, et. al. Then give each number a strength value by awarding points for Jupiter. Where Jupiter is, numbers should be attracted where Saturn is numbers won't show up.

That's a veryshort version of years of research. how it relates to astro dice I'm not sure. I guess you could use the same principles and only use the number 1 to 12 instead of 1 to 80. It also has application to the many state lottories. But i still havn't reached my goal of winning hte million dollar prize at the Gold Coast Casino. But it's a heck of a lot of fun and Keno is slower than craps and more relaxing. Craps is like the futures markets and I've got all the action I can handle in futures.

yours, Bill Foster

the books you have will get you started. they are good. some of the old books are good too. bill merdians stock book is good but I prefer futures and futures options and trading very short term. the risk is less and with my chart, Jupiter is in Cancer in the 5th house of speculation ruled by cancer in the 1st house in pisces so I have a short term focus on the markets. maybe longer if we're talking a jupiter transiting a sign. research is the key. what happen the last 30 times an aspect (either transiting or transits to natal charts) happened to prices. consider natal chart configurations of commodities. in pork bellies, jupiter is conjunct saturn with both trine the sun so a transit to saturn will not react the same as with other charts. good luck,

Bill Foster

the first trade chart for beans is 10-05-36 at 10:15am CST although that time is in question so the moon and houses could be off. there is a grand square in this chart so it reacts well. use both natal and precession corrected positions when looking at transits to natal charts. Also, there is a lot of controversy over standard vs daylight times in the state of illonis.

good luck, Bill Foster

First, I'm a short term trader as there is much less risk and it's in my natal chart. The most important factors are transiting aspects and transits to natal charts. notice I said "and" because you can make money with only transits to natal charts but price moves are stronger and more dependable if you have both a transiting aspect affecting a natal planet that's bullish or bearish.

For example, if your have transiting jupiter trine sun and at the same time jupiter is conjunct, trine or whatever natal sun or jupiter in pork bellies you have a connection. Both the same planets in the sky are setting off a bullish aspect in pork bellies. This is only an example. you have to be extremely carefull with bellies as they are thinly traded and very volitile. I've seen bellies open limit up and close limit down. I prefer something more liquid and slower moving like live cattle, copper, beans or sometimes the S&P 500 although that's been very volitile lately.

Always use aspects transiting to natal charts both regular and precession corrected. I've found the that they both work (don't ask me why) but precession are stronger. then use support and resistance lines derived from planetary tropical positions using different translation values. moon phases, distance factors, declination, latitude etc. are important change in trend indicators. helio works but not as strongly. research, reseach, research and when everything lines up together is the best trade. off course, this doesn't happen too much. patience, discipline, money management are also very, very important. planning, always have a plan. what's your stop, what's your profit taker, when will you enter, what type of buy and sell order will you use. it depends on the situation but all must be considered.

yours, Bill Foster

a couple more points. solar arcs and progressions don't have much to do with short term trading as they are longer term. also, most futures but not all don't have definite birth times which makes it harder. rising and setting times and planetary hours are important. also houses. For example, if you have a bearish transiting aspect it will be strongest and have the most influence when it hits the angles and the 8th house since the 8th rules other peoples money, i.e., funds, pension funds, commodity pools, CTA's etc. along with planetary hours is planetary days. For example, what planetary hour and day does the lunations occur on. this is important. what aspects are active during lunations. for the active aspects what planets are involved and what commodity do those planets rule ? all important. how does that lunation aspect with commodity natal charts ? what is happening in your own chart. do you have an active neptuen transit that will confuse you ? some things to consider.

yours, Bill Foster

I give transits to natal charts about a one degree orb applying and practically nothing separating. fixed stars work. I've send it in the astro support and resistance lines but it's an advanced technique. yours, Bill Foster
you don't get that many aspects if you just look at jupiter and saturn aspects to natals. those are the surest bull and bean aspects.

yours, bill

You don't get that many aspects if you just use transits to tropical natal charts from jupiter out. Those are the strongest. The fast moving planets have a very short term affect on the market. Trade when you have several favorable transits and the transiting planet is connected to the natal. Of course, I don't have to tell you this but the natal chart is very important and should be read carefully. The best way to do this is by research going back many years.

Most of the stocks charts don't go back that far. yes, the DOW does and the S&P 500 to 1982 and the NASDAQ to 1971 but the rest are relatively recent. The chart that moves the market the most is the one with the greatest volume. One other thing with trading is the trader. I train for trading like a boxer for a fight. Gym five times a week, meditation twice a day minimum, careful diet, lots of water etc. Also, my intuition is very good and I've developed it over the years. i have the moon, ruling my 5th house of speculation in the first in Pisces. My Asc is 1 degree pisces, with Venus exalted in isces. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 5th house of speculation. Sun in Aqarius in the 12th house. Other aspects give me a great gift of intuition. This helps my trading a great deal. I've learned over the years to rely on this. Astrology, really, is like a crystal ball which I focus on to lead my intuition.

yours, Bill Foster

One thing common to all time frames is the use of planetary support and resistance lines. Convert the longitude of all planets to price. Use aspects to these, e.g., Jupiter at zero Capricorn is 270 degrees = $270 or $2.70. the square to these produces other lines. Strength of the lines is just like astro aspects, e.g., conjunction strongest, opposition next, trine next etc.

Short term systems, e.g., day trading and over night (delta time strategy) use the short term indicators. Transiting aspects and transits to natal charts mostly. Planetary hours and when those aspects hit house cusps. Not house cusps of the natal chart but house cusps of where one is trading,e.g., Chicago or NY. Medium Term: (a few days to a week) I use mostly transits to natals and transiting aspects tropical. Helio. works but not as strong. Be sure and use both regular natal and transits to paralax corrected natal positions. They both work, take my word for it. Here you can add other indicators such as moon indicators.

Long Term: (several weeks to several months) All of the above plus planets in signs, progressions and solar arc directions.

It's difficult to be specific because each trade is unique. what is taking place ? Check it all out by researching prices and what happen when these indicators took place. Just because you put a lot of work into researching a trade doesn't mean you should take it unless you get positive research. Have a specific plan on entrance, exit, stop loss etc. Most people do 20 percent planning and 80 percent execution. I do the reverse, 80 percent planning and 20 percent execution. Do the detailed research, place your bet and let the market do it's work.

Markets to Trade: As I've said before, I'm more of a chart term trader. It's in my chart, there is much less risk and it works for me. My methods work better on Soybeans, Copper, Live Cattle et. al. The stock market is more difficult because there are many more natal charts and things are so internaltinal now that there are so many influences it's just harder to call.

Some of my systems are very simple and rely on one factor mainly. For example, tropical (and helio. a little) to signs. I believe Copper is ruled by Venus. When Venus goes through signs there is a definite influence on Copper et. al. The Sun rules Gold but that is a more difficult market because of so many internatinal infuences.

Since i've had literally thousands of trades, I know which markets work best for me. the trend is your friend - not always. It can reverse off of a strong support line with favorable aspects (transiting and transits to natals). I've seen it many times in beans et. al. It also makes for a great trade because you're buying when everyone else is selling or visa versa.

Take Soybeans for example. The price is very low now, this makes for a lower risk entry. You don't necessarily have to be a astro weather expert as the aspects usually tell which way prices are going and it may be the weather, it may be stronger exports it may be many factors.

Research is the key to my trading. Research and planning. also, money management, discipline and the trader (train for it). Trading seems so easy in hindsight but is very difficult. But astro financial analysis can be very profitable if one is careful, experienced and disciplined.

I think a successful trader has to pick a market and a time frame to trade. Then research that market and time frame. Use your own natal chart as a guide.

yours, Bill

I agree that natal is more important, most of the time, than transiting sky aspects. Do you find that transits to natal charts, uncorrected or precession corrected work the best ? I find they both work but precession corrected are stronger.

yours, Bill Foster

Usually the price of Gold goes up during the transit of the sun (ruler of Gold) through Leo (the Sun's ruling sign). However, last time this happen Gold went down pretty strongly. I think some of the usual asto aspects are being upset by the 11 year solar magnetic energy peak. The solar eclipse 8-11-99 does indeed hold dire consequences for stocks and the world generally but will probably take several months even years to manifest fully since they the grand cross takes place in fixed signs. I'm looking at between Aug.'99 and May'2000.

The Moon Man

for example venus rules copper so when vensus is strong or weak by sign or aspected by another planet it affects copper prices venus also rules wheat along with mercury and sugar along with jupiter.

gold is the Sun and Leo, Silver is the Moon and Cancer and Venus is Copper and Taurus and Libra.

thanks for the table of commodity rulers. I'll give you a new column based upon my own experience and others that I've gathered over the last 20 years. Gold = Sun and Leo, Silver = Moon and Cancer, Copper = V nus and taurus/libra, Beans = Venus and Taurus, Wheat (grains generally) = mercury and Virgo and Gimini, oil = Neptun and Pisces. I agree with the center Taucher column except Cattle = Taurus and Saturn and Sugar = Jupiter and Venus plus signs and houses they rule.

thanks, bill Foster

Bill Miredians book is one of the best except he doesn't discuss futures.

Bill "the Moonman" Foster

It's hard to tell if you're trading the wrong market without looking at your astro chart. There is much debate about what planets rule sugar but generally Venus and maybe jupiter rule sugar. Also, son has to use the first trade charts of sugar around the world. Sugar is traded in many markets and thus here are many first trade charts. Chart term trading in any commodity/future involves the short term inner planets but jupiter and Saturn transits to natal charts work very well. Also, one must consider when the major major bullish and bearish planets and transiting aspects hit the angles (1st, 4th, 10th and 7th house cusps) for the market being traded. also, consider the planetary hours for signs of when prices will rise or fall. The transit of planets thru signs also works. For example, when Venus transits it's ruling sign, sugar rises during that period. When the Sun transits signs ruled by venus, prices rise. This ought to get you started. Bill "the Moon Man" Foster

disagree: sometimes the simplist systems are the best. Transits fo Jupiter and Saturn to natal planets are one of the simplist and most profitable astro financial techniques out there.

bill foster

I have Pisces rising with Moon and Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in the fifth house with Jupiter in Cancer, Sun in the 12th house in Aquarius. I live in Las Vegas, NV and use to Run Rocky Mountain Financial Forecasting. I know Jeanne Long, Norman winski and will speak at the TAG seminar in Oct.'2000. you sound like my kind of person. respectfully yours from a strong Pisces

bill "the moonman" foster

hi Eric: Bill Mirridians book is good but it's mostly about stocks but some of the principles are the same. I use blue star by matrix software and CSI for prices. Transiting aspects to natal charts are very important as well as aspect between planets ruling grains and soybeans and any aspect in signs that rule grains and soybeans espcially Virgo and Taurus.

yours, Bill Foster

hi Karl:

The most important aspects are transiting jupiter to natal soybeans charts for up prices and transiting Saturn to natal soybenas (futures, options etc.) for down prices. however, one must rate the natal planet in each chart. For example, a chart with Jupiter trine Saturn (like pork bellies) is not going to react the same to a transiting saturn to natal saturn because it's got that natal jupiter trine. The best time to invest is when everything is working and pointing to the same price direction. If you're going long and it concides with and full moon (which has favorable bean aspects), other moon indicators are also pointing up, a transiting aspect between jupiter and Sun also has jupiter transiting a natal bullish planet in one or preferably more soybean futures and options charts, this is the time to buy big. Stops and entrance are very important. I haven't even mentioned secondary progressions and solar arc directions but that's another story. yours,


Transits in cardinal signs are more immeadiate and fixed less so. progessions are more inner and may or may not manifest in outer events. The Moon governs short term changes and is very good for Keno and Commodities. Sign changes also work. Retrograde tends to weaken a planet. you have to put it all together with lots and lots of research into the planets versus the prices of whatever future contract you are trading.

yours, Bill

on the question of aspects and how long do they last, it depends on many things. Transits to natal chart usually are over as soon as they're exact. For transiting aspects in the sky they are too but it depends upon the general mood of the market, aspects that are next (both sky and transits to a natal chart), weather aspects if you're trading grains (the temperature chart, moisture chart and air movement chart) plus others. Astro Financial Analysis seems so easy but is really very complex and difficult from entrance to exit. It takes lots of research, experience, study and time. I've not been following the S&P Futures or options lately but when I did last month there were at least ten natal charts I used. I did not use progressions or solar arc progressions but one can if one is carefull with time. In other words, some first trade charts, like the 1936 Soybean chart the time is unknown.

yours, Bill Foster

I recently hit a Soybean trade for $7,800 on Jupiter in Taurus on a full moon. I'm also doing a lot of research on Copper, Live Cattle et. al. regards, Bill Foster
First off, with Moon transits you have to use the paralax correction. moon transits are usually measured ( and all planetary transits) from the planets position to the center of the earth. It doesn't matter much with the planets but with the Moon, because it's so much closer than the planets, it can through those Moon transits off by up to an hour. Most astro software, e.g., Matrix Blue Star et. al., have parallax moon corrections for transits. I've addressed the moon apo. and perag. in futures speculation. you can not just look at that but I've found that when you have a congruence of an apo. and perag. moon, a moon change in terms of North or South Latitude and declination or crossing zero either way you have a strong change in trend in most speculative prices. also, use moon phases. That's four moon indicators, 2 out 4 or higher will usually produce a change in trend but you can't use just the moon apo. and perogee. yours, Bill Foster Progressions can be important but you must consider all three, i.e., transits, progressions and solar arc directions. As always, the natal chart is very important. yours, Bill Foster
Sugar born on Dec.16, 1914 at 10:00 AM est New York, N.Y...... chart > Asc. 6 Aquarius 01 with Venus and Jupiter as rulers of Sugar. Beyond > that, I don't know what to tell you. Hope this helps. > Group: To follow-up on what I said about Sugar, consider these, and these are only a very few of the Sugar charts: 1-15-48 = Sugar starts trading after WWII 9-28-70 = Sugar #11 starts trading 10-1-82 = Sugar options start trading Plus there are scores of foreign sugar markets including futures and options. yours,

bill Foster

Relative to your two questions: 1. Multiple charts. I use over 12 natal stocks charts from the NYSE, several S&P 500, several NASDAQ. They all work to a certain extend It depends on the transiting aspect and the natal configuration of planets. one transit of jupiter to strong bullish planets in a natal chart can do it but it's best to look for multiple bullish or bearish transits to natal charts along with other astro indicators.

2. Compatibility of charts works. I've live in Las Vegas for 10 yearsand I can see it at work with my natal and the casino's natal.

yours, Bill Foster

After over 20 years as an Astro Financial Analyst I can testify that natal charts in commodities do in fact work. But you have to have all of them and combine that analysis with other astro indicators. The more that line up the more sure you are of a price move, either up or down, and the more you wager.

For example, Soybeans have a least 6 to 8 natal charts as they trade beans in Brazil, the U.S. and Japan. Also, the U.S. chart has several charts as the original start of 1936, after WWII, options of futures etc. I have research this many times in the past 20 years and have daily soybean prices back to 1949. how you use all this astro data depends, in part, upon your own trading style; e.g., short term, long term, hedger etc. I'm a very short term trader because you have much less risk and if you have a system that is accurate you can make just as much if not more money. For example, i can be a millionaire with one big trade that makes a million dollars or lot a short term trades that build equity, are low risk but highly accurate. The key for all of this is research. What actually happened the last 30 times this transiting aspect or this transit to a natal aspect took place to soybean prices. What happen to volume. Was it a short covering rally ?

I personnally think commodities are easier to trade, from an astro stand point, than some of the financial products because they are less intertwinded. But, my favorite markets are soybeans, Live Cattle, Copper, the S&P 500 and some times the currencies. Other comodities present opportunties but all must be well researched. Also, if your into any agricultural commodities, such as wheat or soybeans, you must also be an astro weather astrologer as well as a Financial Astrologer.

yours, Bill Foster

What does it actually mean to Copper prices when Venus enters Libra ? What will bean prices do when Jupiter transits natal Sun ?

General thoughts: i know longer think this is the best way to go. in depth study of a couple of markets you do good in. After thousands of trades I know which ones those are for me. Maybe a trade every two weeks. you know if your get 15% on 26 trades a year starting with $10,000, you end up with over $300,000 in one year and I've got a lot more than that in my commodity account. The trade must be completely researched and don't take it if it doesn't fit your trade parameters. The tendency is to trade it anyway because you put so much work into it. Patience, discipline, money management, intuition, knowing myself, the right markets, experience and lots of research. Even though I'm an Astro Trader, a good sound grounding in technical and fundamental analysis helps to put me in tune with most of the other traders out there. It ain't easy but it's fund and keeps me off the streets.

yours, Bill Foster

i don't know about recasting after a coma but I can tell you from years of research that the 1936 chart of beans works even though that contract or future was stopped and started again after WWII. There is a connection. I don't know the metaphysical reasons why but I know both charts work forecast bean prices. But, natal charts and transits to them are not the be all end all. The transiting aspects (in the sky now) are very important and most important when there is a connection between the two. Those are the real money makers.

yours, Bill