Dr. Paul Levine … the MIDAS man

In 1995, with a spirit of openness, professional trader and market researcher Paul Levine published 18 articles detailing his new approach to charting the price history of a stock or commodity. He described an analytical framework through which to view the market meanderings which he call MIDAS (a clever play off of “King Midas” who's touch turned everthing to gold). Levine's discovery, with exacting precision, focuses one's attention on the dynamic interplay of support & resistance… accumulation & distribution. It truely is gold and we are lucky he elected not to take it to the grave with him. Although few people know about the man or his methods, I believe Paul Levine will one day be recognized as one of all-time 'Technical Analysis' greats right along side such names as W.D. Gann, Roger Babson and JM Hurst

Paul Levine, inventor of the price spectroscope, first became interested in technical analysis when he was a “runner” on wall street as a teenager. He went on to attend college at MIT then later CALTech where he and earned a doctorate in theoretical physics. His scientific approach to technical analysis shines through in his writing.

Begining in the mid 1960's, Paul took a fresh look at technical analysis through the lense of a now well trained physicist. It was then that he “stumbled” apon what has evolved into MIDAS a term he coined which is short for: Market Interpretation/Data Analysis System . Paul was chief scientist of Megatek Corporation which he co-founded in 1981. In 1991 he retired to become a full time trader and further develop his MIDAS discovery.

With the encouragement of his wife, and in the spirit of openness, Paul gifted trader everywhere his MIDAS method. It was his wish that others would carry on research in a similar vein and that in the same spirit of openness, would prevail in the sharing of their findings. Paul Levine died in 1998.