Office 2011 Mac Version

Hi Everyone,

Well today turned into a big disappointment. Let me take a step back and set the stage... Last fall Microsoft announced with great fanfare Office 2011 for the Mac. They said, unlike previous versions, it had a full implementation of VBA though they did not elaborate what exactly that meant. So I figured, like most people I assume, this was good news and meant Mac users would soon be able to use XLTrader without having to go the PC emulator (VMWARE etc.) route

Not so...

Not only does Office 11 not support XML Ribbon (which means the entire user interface would need to be redesigned) but they do not support xlls' which means XLIndicators and XLCycles would not work either. As if that weren't bad enough... nothing seemed to work when I attempted to install the add-ins stripped of XML. On top of that they're locked up and won't accept the password! Very irritating and I guess the bottom line is Mac users are out of luck and I'm out the cost of Office 2011 and a day of my life. There will be no version of XLTrader forth coming for the mac in the foreseeable future.