New Versions of XLGann, XLFibonacci and XLTrader

Hello Everyone,

Today I released new versions of XLGann XLFibonacci and XLTrader. XLGann and XLFibonacci have a new (better) way of rotating the two point grids. People who use that feature should download from the support area the new versions. I also made a minor change to the XLTrader addin. Now it uses the range of the axis instead of the value of the point to set the precision of the displayed value. Depending on the range of the value axis up to three decimals will now be displayed. That value is determined by converting pixel to points and may not be very accurate anyway so it should only be used as a reference.

New Office 2010 Installation Video

Hello Everyone,

Today I uploaded a new video showing how to install XLTrader 2011 into Excel for Office 2010.

Install XLTrader in Office 2007

Microsoft made some changes for the trust center certificate import settings between office 2007 and 2010 that I was not aware of. When installing the XLTrader digital certificate (which helps ensure no changes have been made to the VBA code) it is important that you specify the correct certificate import location: Trusted Root Certification Authorities. If you do not choose that location, or if you accept the default location as was shown in the office 2007 installation video, then the button "Trust All from this Publisher" will not be enabled.

By installing the digital certificate, all spreadsheets created from an XLTrader template will be trusted. You must still save them as "Macro Enabled Spreadsheet" (.xlam) format but when you re-open them you will not encounter any annoying warning messages. Additionally, by making the XLTRADER folder a trusted location the .xll's (ta-lib.xll and xlcycle.xll) which are not digitally signed will not cause a warning to be issued.

Template Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of the XLTrader templates has been released. A set of icon for scrolling a scaled chart have been added to the group tools and the scale of the charts no longer changes when the chart is saved. The shift key can be used in combination with a scrolling icon click to accelerate it. In office 2007 the zoom setting is changed when the chart is saved but now the scale remains the same.

You can get the templates by downloading the product you purchased from the support area. Installing the new templates is easy; the templates are a "drop-in" replacement. Simply replace the old template files with the new. You must also replace the XLTrader.xlam add-in with the new version. These templates are not backward compatible. Should you decide to upgrade to them, you will need to rebuild your exiting spreadsheets in the new templates.