• Instantaneous Trend
  • Cybercycle
  • Fisher Transform
  • Relative Vigor
  • Hilbert Transform
  • Sinewave Indicator
  • Laguerre Transform
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Mechanical Strategies
  • and More…
XLEhlers has all of the indicator's in Mr. Ehler's third book: Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures, a true TA classic.

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ehlersgroup XLEhlers gives you the technical indicators in John Ehler's book: Cybernetic Analysis of Stocks and Futures. John Ehlers has been a frequent contributer to Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine and is best known for having popularized the use of the Burg method, or MESA, for calculating the dominant frequencies in stock returns. This is Mr. Ehlers third book on technical analysis. It IS NOT included with XLEhlers. Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures is one of my favorite books, a true TA classic. From the back cover:

Cybernetic Analysis is full of Cutting Edge DSP Technology to Improve your Trading including how to:
  • Obtain accurate cycle measurement within five samples
  • Make indicators adaptive to market conditions using the measured cycle
  • Sharpen market turning points by manipulating the Probability Distribution Function using the Fisher Transform
  • Discern the onset of trend modes and cycles modes
  • Generate dependable buy and sell signals in any market
  • Take a couple of minutes to watch a demo of XLEhlers

    ehlers_form The functions in XLEhlers can be accessed through the standard functions menu or they can be accessed via a form (shown below) which is accessible from the XLTrader drop down menu.

    All functions are catagorized as either Oscillators, Trend tools, Cycle indicators, Digital filters, Trading Strategies or Price Transforms. You specify the input columns and the column(s) where you want the output. If there are variables such as "alpha" as shown above, you also specify them. When you press calculate, either the formula or the results are put in the column you specified. Use the "value" option if you are concerned about avoiding spreadsheet bloat.


    Its not my aim to explain the indicators. Get the book for that. They are all very well developed in the text. The oscillators available (16 in all) are shown in the drop box on the right. Notice how smooth and sharp the turning points are? They're unbeatable.


    You're going to love cybercycle. You also get the sinewave indicator which is improved over the version presented in Johns second book: Rocket Science for Traders.

    Digital Filters

    John Ehlers is the undisputed King of digital filters (applied to trading anyway). You get a handful of powerful digital filters any one of which is far better than 99% of everything out there. After you see these things, you may never use a SMA or EMA again.

    Herb Brooks was probably the first person to suggest a time-series analysis (digital filter) approach to investing. He wrote a book in 1984 call Investing With a Computer but Mr. Ehlers has taken DSP to a whole new level.


    You also get the three trading strategies described in the text.


    As I mentioned above, you can also access each of the indicators through the functions menu option on the insert drop down menu. It entails a little more work than using the form. If you want to write your own VBA macros using the indicators, you easily do that too.