So you want to become a trader?

This just my opinion and you asked for it... here goes

Start reading everything you can get your hands on about trading and investing. I mean everything everywhere. Become an information sponge. You are going to make yourself into a trading expert; nobody can do that for you. The internet is full of introductory material but the library is your best source. Make a friend of your librarian because you are going to have to learn all about inter-library loans and she can help you. Read books… read the bibliography of books and read those books too. It takes time… lots of time and dedication. Make time for it somehow someway. Also look for a mentor (an trader who is doing what you want to do). Write them too. "Synchronicity" will help you make connections. Count on it.

Your job now is to put yourself out there. By that I mean let the world know about your intentions…teachers…friends…complete strangers. Consider reading internet groups and asking advice of the knowledgeable posters. Just be aware knowledgeable posters are few and far between. After several years of dedicated self-education, you are still interested in trading, you will have passed the first test, you may indeed have found your passion. That is good. Many go through life never knowing what their passion is (everybody has one). If you change directions … so be it… its all good.

Now. If you are able to afford it, enroll in college. College is an important experience (and a necessary step to be taken seriously in this society) that you should not miss out on… period. It teaches you discipline which is one trait all successful traders have. Know that you are going to have to work hard… that you must take every class seriously. You never know what it is you are learning that you will need to apply later in life (just accept that there is a plan for you and you need to suffer through what ever it is: algebra calculus chemistry etc. that is getting you down at that moment).

In time you are going to have to make some important decisions. Your major… math… engineering… physics… computer science… all good choices. People (some of them close to you) will try to nudge down one path or another. They aregoing to tell you that some stupid test say you should do this or do that or that you can't do this or you can't do that. Ignore them. They don't matter. Only you matter. Take the path you decide; its your life. Majoring in engineering, physics, mathematics, economics will all help you be a better trader. Talk to people that are trading for a living… Ask them what their life is like: income; lifestyle; job satisfaction etc. Trading is first and foremost a job. Know that your life will likely be similar.

While you are at it, take courses in Marketing, Business and Art (esthetics are critical). If you can, go all the way... get a Ph.D. in your chosen field. It will open doors for you in this increasingly competitive world. Strive for balance between living in the NOW and doing the hard work that is required to get you to where you envision yourself in the FUTURE. Stop and smell the roses but remember, its a global playing field. Your competition lives in places like Europe, India and China and they are busting their butts too. You have to do better… be smarter…BE MORE CREATIVE. Creativity is the key. Its in you; find it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Congratulations, you've taken that first step…you loaded your backpack and your are on your way… life is a great adventure. It goes by quickly and tomorrow is promised to no one so treasure every moment. Thats all I know.