• Calendar Calculator
  • Weekend Insert/Remove
  • Image Export
  • Portfolio Enabled Templates including HI-LO, OHLC, CANDLE
XLTools gives you the tools you need to calculate days between dates or the date given the number of days. It can insert or remove weekends and holidays on the Data sheet but best of all, XLTools provides three portfolio enabled templates. Now you can download and update multiple symbols onto their own sheet in one workbook.

Due to changes at Yahoo! and need for updating the software XLTrader is not available at this time. Please check back later!

tools_menu XLTools has some handy tools for the trader. I has: a calender tool (for calculating the trading and calender days between dates or finding a date in the future); a parse tool which refomats the data (to that which is required by HLC_CHart.xlt and Tools.xlt) downloaded from sources like YAHOO! so it can be easily cut and paste into a template; a compress (intra-day) data (into daily bars) tool; an insert/remove weekends and holidays tool and a "export image tool".

Calender Tool

When you click on the calender tool menu item, it brings up the XLCalender form. You specify the calender dates by clicking on the calender icon. If you click the bullet next to the date, it tells the program to change that date when you tell it to calculate say: a user specified number of either trading days or calender days from the other date. When you press the arrow icon… next to the trading days and calender days input box, it recalculates.

Insert/Remove Weekends & Holidays

When you download data from most sources, the file is in trading day format. But sometimes you want to include weekends and holidays. For instance, if you are plotting astronomical ephemeris functions from the XLPlanets add-in and you don't want steps then you must include weekends. This macro inserts (or removes) those dates.

Portfolio Enabled Templates


Export Image

If you have a chart you want to share with others (perhaps at our XLTrader-talk Google group) then you need to export it in a "web friendly" graphics format. Thats what this tool does. You can choose either gif or jpeg formats.